SEC Series Catalysts

F-diesel undertakes the national key R&D projects of renewable energy and hydrogen energy technology during the 13th Five-Year Plan period

Since November 2020, F-diesel has undertaken a three-year national key R&D program – synthesis technology and batch fabrication of high-performance and anti-poisoning vehicle fuel cell catalyst. Actually, the company undertakes the 4th project – “R&D, organization and management of mass production of catalyst and verification of working condition” in this national key R&D project. The assessment specifications are as follows:

(1) Realize 2kg class for single batch production of catalyst. Set up a production line with capacity of more than 2000g/batch and more than 200kg/year.

(2) The performance of the catalyst will reach the final target:

MA of initial ORR ≥0.4A/mgPt@0.9VIR-free, ECSA≥60m2/g;

Durability①0.6V~0.95V≥30000 cycles MA attenuation rate ≤40%, ECSA attenuation rate ≤40%

Durability②1.0V~1.5V≥ 5000 cycles MA attenuation rate ≤40%, ECSA attenuation rate ≤40%;

Anti-poisoning ability:

Mass activity degradation of volume production catalyst caused by CO is ≤ 30%(0.1 M HClO4 1000 ppm CO/H2, and performance degradation in MEA is ≤10mV(1 A/cm2,1 ppm CO/H2,24 h)

② The reduction of catalyst activity area caused by sulfide is ≤ 30% (0.36 ppm H2S, 24h), and performance degradation in MEA is ≤30 mV(1A/cm2,0.004 ppm H2S,24 h)

Particle size and performance deviation ≤ ±8%,

Cl- content is less than 50 ppm wt.

Fe content is less than 50 ppm wt.

Cost of volume production≤(Ptspot price×PGM wt% + 100)yuan/g

(3) Apply for 7 patents

(4)Train 25 engineers, increase 65 jobs

SEC Series Catalysts
SEC series catalysts are self-developed products from Sinocat Hydrogen Energy, including the first generation platinum/carbon catalyst (SEC100) and the second generation core-shell structure platinum catalyst of low platinum content (SEC200). The synthesis process of SEC100 and SEC200 series catalysts is strictly and precisely controlled. The metal particles are evenly distributed on the carbon support and the precious metal content tolerance is ±1%.

Specifications of SEC Series Catalysts


Type Specifications







Black powder

Black powder

Pt content






Pt particle size

~2.5 nm

~ 2.8 nm

~3.0 nm

~3.5 nm

~3.5 nm


80~110 m2/gPt

80~110 m2/gPt

80~100 m2/gPt

90~120 m2/gPt

Mass activity

≥0.25 A/mgPt@0.9V


Durability (loss in MA*)



*0.6-1.0V vs.RHE, 100 mV/s, 0.1M HClO4 aqueous solution, 30k cycles