Bi Lan APP

Bilan APP

Design of relevant functions of APP

The APP incorporates Android and iOS versions, which are compatible with the Web. The main functions of the APP cover:

1. Notification & Announcement
Function Description: it is designed for publishing notifications and announcements.

2. Online Vehicle Monitoring
Function Description: the vehicle monitoring can be conducted online by maps and lists, which can be viewed by vehicle filtering. At the same time, for specific vehicles, the monitoring data can be viewed online, and the exhaust treatment equipment can be controlled.

3. Data Statistics & Analysis
Function Description: data statistics can be viewed in the form of charts. We can also view real-time data of vehicles, the data comparison of each vehicle and historical data change curve. It can also support data sorting from high-to-low and from low-to-high.

4. Online Operation and Maintenance
Function Description: one can check the operating status and view the maintenance records of the equipment. We can also understand the operations of post-treatment device installed in the specified vehicle to see whether it needs to be repaired or replaced, etc..

5. Working Order System
Function Description: for vehicle monitoring problems, the rectification orderis issued, and the relevant person in charge receives the processinginformation to complete the order processing.

Working order system functions mainly involve order creation, order processing, processing result auditing, historical order viewing, etc..

6. Personal Center
Function Description: it is designed for personal information viewing andmodification, password changing, version upgrading, etc.

7. Vehicle Owner Function
Function Description: The APP allows one to find out more about the operationof the post-treatment device installed in the vehicle, whether there is a needfor repairing or replacement, and the location of the nearest repair workshop.