F-DIESEL Catalysts Capabilities

R&D Capabilities

F-DIESEL Company possesses a professional R&D team of domestic and foreign well-known experts, doctors and masters in the catalyst field, as well as several scientific research workstations, such as the post-doctoral research station. It has experts who enjoy the government special allowance of the State Council, talents of “Ten Thousand Talents Program” of Ministry of Science and Technology. Since 2009, the company has successively hosted, and undertaken 10 major national science and technology projects, including 3 major science and technology projects, 1 innovation fund project, 3 projects of 863 Program, 1 science and technology support program and 2 national key R&D plans.

Product Design Capability

  • DOE, CPM, DVP and PVP methods are used to design the formulationand process of catalyst materials and catalysts;
  • The capability of accomplishing catalytic purifier structuredesign.

Experimental Verification Ability

  • Characterization of Structure and Texture of Catalytic Materials and Catalyst Coatings
  • Analysis of Catalyst Coating and Evaluation of Simulated Performance of Samples
  • Vehicle Emission Performance Test of Catalytic Purifier and Post-treatment System
  • Rapid aging test of engine bench for catalytic purifier and aftertreatment system