How to determine the good and bad of turbocharger technology?

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The advantages and disadvantages of turbo technology is difficult to give an accurate measure defined, but we chose the following, collected users bikers remarks feelings. Whether one is better, is it worth buying? Depends on your own rational thinking and the actual needs.

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    The biggest benefit to the turbocharged engine, the output power can be increased by three percent. To achieve, according to technical parameters, 1.4T 2.0L ~ 2.3L displacement power levels of the naturally aspirated engine, while the equivalent 1.6L to 1.8L 1.2T turbocharged advantage is obvious, it can not on the basis of an increase in engine displacement, substantial increase in power and torque. This means that a size and weight of the same engine by the supercharger can generate more power, or a small-displacement engine with larger displacement engine can produce the same power.

    The Camry the the 240G power of 123kw/6000 MAGOTAN 1.8TSI power 118kw/5000-6200, we will be able to clearly see the “power” of the turbo. A displacement of only 1.8 engine maximum power than the 2.4 displacement small 5KW, while maximum torque not only the 26 Nm.

    Fuel consumption:

    1.2T 1.6L ~ 1.8L, is equivalent to both fuel economy and lower emissions requirements. Compared with the naturally aspirated engine of the same power, the supercharged engine displacement is much smaller, light weight not only conducive to the improvement of power and economy, but also the power characteristics of the supercharged engine torque naturally aspirated engine. possibility.

    Certainly better than a naturally aspirated engine of the same displacement turbocharged engine fuel consumption. The turbine speed is very low in the idle state, the surrounding air is not enough to be compressed, there is no high-pressure air to enter, and then the engine will work efficiency, resulting in fuel consumption increased. However, compared to the same output power for the naturally aspirated engine, turbo engine or fuel-efficient.

    Acceleration performance:

    Since the start of the turbocharger there will be some lag, so many of the old section of the turbocharged models driving poor ride, there will be unexpected acceleration.

    But the turbo has its shortcomings, this is the turbo lag effect, because the turbine to wait for the engine reaches a certain speed (around 1700rpm) to start work.

    One of the most obvious is the power output response lag. Between greater impetus to the rotation of the impeller to the more air pressure into the engine due to the the impeller inertia of change slow response when you step on the throttle, that is to say from your Bigfoot stepped on the accelerator to increase horsepower and there is a time difference, but this time also not less. Usually improved turbine supercharger should be at least about 2 seconds to increase or decrease the engine power output. If you want to sudden acceleration, and instantly there mention on the speed feeling.

    Nasibalu Impreza turbo, its start about 3500 rpm, the most obvious point power output is about 4000 rpm, this time there will be secondary to the feeling of acceleration. General city driving, the actual are just in between 2000-3000, 5-speed can on our shift to 3500 rpm estimated speed break 120, that is, unless you deliberately stay in the low position, or not more than 120 kilometers per hour turbo does not start. No turbo start your 1.8T fact, also only a 1.8 powered car. 2.4 power can only be a psychological effect.